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Lunch Bunch

Spirit Days

Get involved.....CLASS is our parent organization and is always looking to welcome new parents to help with fundraising, projects and events for our families!

Silent Auction/Spring Fling

Saturday,March 18th

11:00-2:00(Bidding ends at 1:30)

Wear your CLPS t-shirt or sweatshirt

the first Tuesday or Wednesday

of the month

This service is kid friendly and for

the 'not so fond of church' crowd.

Service will be short & sweet...

Not more than 45 minutes. 
Singing, Scripture, Communion & Fellowship.
Come be a part of the fun...

Be a part of God's family...All are welcome!

11am Every Sunday

  105 S. Main Street  *  Shrewsbury, PA 17361

​​11:30am - 3pm everyday

NOW!!  9am - 3pm Fridays

Still Just $4/hour